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    Default Need Help- LA to Boston

    Aloha everybody- right now I am blessed to live on Maui- however, My girlfriend and our friend and I are all moving from the nice weather and sunshine to Boston. I love the red sox but not too happy about the snow :) So we are shipping my girlfriend's car to Long Beach and then we are planning on driving to Boston. Any ideas on best routes and things that are a must see on the trip. We are planning on getting there quick but could make a few stops. All the help I can get would be much appreciated. Mahalo.

    p.s. we are all former mainlanders (las vegas, texas, and pennsylvania) so looking for the super cool things to stop at.

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    Default A little too vauge

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since the most of North America falls between your two points, your question really doesn't have enough information for us to give you a good answer. One person's "must see" could be another person's nightmare. We need to know about how long you have for this trip, what kinds of things you'd like to see, a basic idea of which direct you'd like to go for this trip.

    There are a lot of variables, and we can certainly help you with fill in the blanks, but we need more than just the first and last page to really help you plan the perfect trip for you.

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    Like Michael said, it depends on what interests you. When I was trucking, to go from LA{Shakeytown} to Boston{Beantown} I would use this route

    I 15 to Barstow Cal
    I 40 to OK City
    I 44 to St. Louis
    I 70 to Columbus Oh
    I 71 to Lodi oh
    I 76 to Youngstown
    I 80 to Jct I 81 in Pa
    I 81 to Scranton
    I 84 to Mass Pike I 90

    That was the most practical route for an 18 wheeler.There are other routes if there is nothing you want to stop at on that route. If you take I 15 from LA to I 70 in Utah will take you through the Colorado Rockies which are very scenic.

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    Default details

    Okay so I guess details would help me:) For starters my girlfriend's car is a Honda Civic- secondly we are planning to take around four days- thirdly we don't have too much expendable cash- but we are staying at Marriotts every night we have to stop (I work for them so get the rooms real cheap). So I was wondering what would be the safest route in the winter? Can the honda civic handle? where are so good places to stop and eat and maybe have a beer or two? Any worlds largest balls of yarn along the way? Where should we plan on sleeping- what cities?

    I have found this website/forum to already be a ton of help so thank you for all your replies and help. Much appreciated. If there is anything else that would be a good tip please let me know :)


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