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  1. Default Best Route to Las Vegas from SFO end of Nov 2008.

    Hi All,

    Need help to plan for my travel from San Francisco Airport to Las Vegas. How long will it take if i drive via I-5 or Highway 99. Is it possible to pass by Yosemite and Death Valley during this period? How is the temp be around end nov, dec period?

    Thks for the help...

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The direct route from SFO to Vegas via I-5 is a 9-10 hour drive. Going to Yosemite and/or Death Valley are certainly possible, although it will add some time to your trip, and you'll probably want to plan for an overnight stop if you add them into your trip. This route is discussed in several hundred threads on this forum already, so I'd look around a bit -like at these threads- and you'll find lots of helpful info.

    The one catch is the end of November is the time when Tioga Pass typically closes. You can see our guesses, the recent closing dates, and place your own guess in our contest. If the pass is closed, you won't be able to go directly from Yosemite to DV, you'll have to go around via Bakersfield.

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