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    Ok so my friend and I ,both 27, decided we wanted to give it a try! I have 2 sets of weeks to do this road trip one is Feb 13- Feb 21 or the other could be April9- April 17... I'm just trying to get a feel for which of my options is going to be best and some suggestions that anyone would be able to give me about anything. First we were thinking about heading out from NYC down South towards Kentucky or Tennesse (I picked there because I have always been interested in visiting both!). The other option we have is what I'm calling a semi-road trip, since time is limited for both of us going over the the West Coast requires us flying at some point. So possibly flying out to Seattle the heading down towards San Francisco by car.

    Any suggestions, thoughts, help would really be appreciated =)


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    Default the first step

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got two perfectly good options, and it sounds like your first issue will be to decide which one you'd rather do. Certainly, there are great reasons to do both. Ultimately, it depends upon where you'd rather go, and if both trips are feasable. The fly and drive is a great option to see things that time wouldn't allow you to see otherwise, but it is more expensive, since you have to buy plane tickets and rent a car. You'd also have one way fees if you were to fly into Seattle and out of San Francisco.

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    Default Both would be fun!

    Michael raises some things to consider about the extra costs for flights and one-way drop-off fees for the car rental.

    I'm also thinking that, since this is your first roadtrip, that doing one closer to home makes sense for a first time. That way you have far more opportunity to be flexible, i.e. if you find a great place and decide to stop there for a few days and, thus, shorten up the distance you're traveling or, vice-versa, just enjoying the drive and going farther than planned, you can do so. If you find you're not enjoying traveling together, it's easier to make adjustments because you don't have a defined place you have to be in order to catch a flight. Just some things to consider.

    Of course, you also need to figure out what you want to see the most, too. A strong excitement for the areas you're going is key for a good trip. Of course, most of us here, think any destination is what you make it.

    Let us know how we can help you further.

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    Default I vote for April

    My preference would be to take the trip at the later date. April can be a great time to head out from the Northeast and grasp that warm Spring air. For the past several years I have headed South in early April and, with the exception of 2007, the weather has been fairly pleasant and warm. An added bonus with the Spring runoff is getting out to places with waterfalls and checking that out. With that in mind, Cumberland Falls would definitely be on my list for a stop.

    Kentucky is one of my favorite road trip destinations and you shouldn't have a hard time finding a nice route through the state. If, however, you choose Tennessee, you will also have many options. Just do yourself a favor and take one of the two-lanes. You'll be glad you did!

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