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    Well, I have finally convinced the wife to check out the mall in Waterloo NY (corner of I-90 and 14). This will allow me to satisfy my appetite for road trip and hers for shopping, kids will be another story.

    We are leaving Toronto on Saturday (early 6ish) morning and hitting Buffalo. After breakfast, we will travel towards the Finger Lakes area. Spending the day there and will probably return to Niagara Falls on Sunday afternoon evening as we have already booked a place at the falls for Sunday night. Spending Monday at the falls and returning home late evening.

    Idea for this trip came from a thread I read on this site where someone mentioned a drive on HWY-14 from Geneva to Watkins Glen. We are thinking Sunday morning we will do this drive south. On the way back from Watkins Glen towards Buffalo, We would like to take a different route. I was thinking Canandaigua Lake (combination of 16 & 21 up to I-90), but not sure. Can someone recommend something?

    Also wondering if someone can recommend stops for kids (5 & 2).

    Once again appreciate any suggestions and recommendation. I love this site and religiously read the forum on daily basis as one day I would like to do the full coast-to-coast drive.


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    A while ago I gathered up a series of helpful discussions that cover the Finger Lakes region. There are actually several scenic routes south through the Finger Lakes including NY-14, NY-414 and NY-89. NY-14 and 414 have the advantage that they end up in Watkins Glen. The other great outdoor location on your way back to Niagara Falls is Letchworth State Park (NY-424 and I-390 from Watkins Glen). Should be a great drive at this time of year!


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