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    Can someone please suggest the best route leaving from Toronto directly to Nashville. We'll be driving down non-stop to Nashville - spend a day there then head to Nashville for a week. From that point, head home back to Toronto. However, I'd like to take a different, more scenic route home.

    Can someone please suggest a route going there - quick, simple - I guess major highways are best.

    As well, a route to return home to Toronto from Nashville. Looking for a scenic route - I assume it will take longer, but I have a few days to drive back and though to make the ride home interesting.

    Any suggestions/helps would be great.

    We're leaving this Friday (Aug. 29). Sorry for the late notice.

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    Default The most direct route

    Quote Originally Posted by Dartenus View Post
    Can someone please suggest a route going there - quick, simple -
    Here is the most simple route.


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    Thanks for your reply Mark. I did the same map on google and suppose that is the simplest way.

    Do you have any suggestions for a different or more scenic route back leaving from Nashville to Toronto? thx!!
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    Default Head for the Mountains

    Since you'll be taking the 'efficient' route down along the lakes and rivers of the near Midwest, and you have a few days for the trip back, I'd suggest that you wander up along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains heading north. Start by taking I-40 east and visiting Great Smoky MountainsNational Park, then follow I-81 and the Blue Ridge Parkway north to around Hagerstown, MD. There a short jog westward on O-70 will bring you to I-99 north which, together with US-219 will bring you 'to the Niagara Falls area. You should be able to find your way home from there.


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    Thank you for your suggestion! I'm going to map out the route you suggested and see how that looks. It sounds very interesting! :-)
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