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    Hey Guys,
    I am new to this forum and have been looking at some of the stuff people have posted.. great stuff!

    I am from Ontario Canada. About 20 minutes from Niagara Falls.

    A few friends and I are planning on going somewhere during reading week.
    Feb 14-Feb 22 2009.

    I'm Not really into the "spring break" sorta thing, but would love to escape the cold winter and drive somewhere warm. We really enjoy driving and kinda touring around an area and seeing the sites.

    Does anyone have suggestions. We would need to be back on the 22nd, and would probably leave on the 15th. That means travelling time needs to be accounted for.

    Thank you

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    Default The Sites

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    With that amount of time, you could make it to most places on the east coast, and still have a few days for exploration. The only place that would be tough to get to would be south florida. Warm is a relative thing though, and you should know that while it will likely be warmer than Ontario, it can still be cool even in northern florida in february.

    What sorts of things are you interested in seeing and doing during your trip?

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    i personally enjoy seeing nature.. when my family went to the keys a few years back we just spent a few days driving up the keys and just looking around.. we didn't really do attractions, but stopped at lookouts and stuff..

    i think we just wanna see some nice sights, and go somewhere new. I've been to north florida (daytona, orlando) many times.. so something new and different to go with a few friends would be what i'm looking for.

    The east coast is probably the best idea. So if you have any ideas of places along those lines, or even maybe in the middle of the country.. i'm open to all considerations.

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    Default The Atlantic Flyway and the Appalachian Trail

    While it is true that there are many resort towns on the Atlantic Coast that cater to the Spring Break crowd, there are even more National Wildlife Refuges that offer the chance to experience the barrier island coast the way it has existed for millennia. I think that taking a leisurely drive down the coast (as opposed to using I-95) and visiting a number of those venues might be pretty close to what you have in mind. Try heading for the Chesapeake Bay the first day and then wandering down the Delmarva Peninsula (Bombay Hook, Assateague, Chincoteague, and others), then visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina (Cape Hatteras National Seashore) with a final target of say Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia, and I think you'll find a much quieter version of the Atlantic Coast than Myrtle or Daytona Beaches. On the way home you can work your way north along the Piedmont Plateau just east of the Appalachian Mountains (roughly paralleling the Appalachian Trail or using I-81). There are a ton of National Forests along here that offer the opportunity to do some hiking and the views (with the leaves off the trees) should be spectacular.


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    that sounds like what i'm looking for..

    i am definitely going to look more into that route

    Any other ideas?

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