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  1. Default Need ideas for Texas to Yosemite and back...

    Thanks to Ike (hahaha...), I have a couple extra weeks of vacation, so... roadtrip!!!

    My preliminary plan:

    Austin, TX --> Big Bend NP --> Petrified Forest NP --> Grand Canyon NP --> Yosemite NP --> (maybe: King's Canyon and Sequoia NP) --> (maybe: Joshua Tree NP) --> Phoenix --> Saguaro NP --> back to Austin, TX

    Any ideas and/or suggestions to places along/near the route that I should visit? Any good food places I should pay a visit?


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    Default A couple of thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    With two weeks available it looks as though you will spend half your days driving and half sight seeing. I would add to that 2 nights in or around each of Yosemite and Grand canyon.
    I would imagine you have already considered Death valley between G/C and Yosemite as a means of going up the Eastern side of the sierras and back down the West side, using the Tioga pass a crossing point. It looks as though you are into natural wonders [me too] but a night in Vegas in between is most popular.
    As It's a full and busy trip I think I would choose to get a couple of good days under my belt at the start and head towards the G/C via Albuquerque and the Petrified forest, spending the 3rd night in G/C, and visit Big Bend on my way back after Phoenix and Saguaro. A night at the Carlsbad caverns would be a good option before home as well.

    I think a visit to Sequoia N.P. is worthwhile, as is Kings canyon but the latter taking up more time and you may start to feel rushed. A lot will depend on how much time you want, or expecting to spend behind the wheel each day as opposed to sight seeing.

    Yosemite is one of my favorite places and would recommend anyone go there, however as you are starting out in Austin I wonder if your time would be better spent visiting parks in Southern Utah such as Zion and Bryce Capitol reef,Arches e.t.c and back through Colorado visiting some of the fine places there, just a thought.
    Have a search of the forums and when you have decided on a more definate route and overnight stops come back and we can help you piece it all together.

    I forgot to enquire as to when you will be making this trip? Tioga pass may not be an option if it is late fall or winter months due to snow/ice and could affect other parts of your trip such as Kings canyon/Seqouia.
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