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  1. Default Alabama to Seattle!

    Making a move from Alabama to Seattle!
    Would greatly appreciate BEST route suggestions.
    Planning to make the trip the 1st of October & drive around 8 hours per day.
    Thanks in advance for advise!
    Roadtrip America is fabulous!

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    Default The Shortest Distance Between Two Points

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Generally, as straight a line as you can draw is the best route. Since you'll be moving and want to limit your daily driving time that also probably means sticking to the Interstates. In your case those constraints mean that your 'best' route is just I-65 up to Nashville, I-24/I-57/I-64 to St. Louis, I-70 to Kansas City, I-29/NE-2 to connect with I-80 to Salt Lake City, and finally I-84/I-82/I-90 to Seattle. That sounds like a lot of roads, but just mark them out on a map and it should be easy. At around 2700 miles, you're going to need at least 5 days for the run.


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    Thanks for the route far as sticking to the interstates...I don't have to do this. My wife & all of our things are not making the big move until the spring so I'll be making the first driving trip solo!
    What "off the beaten path" routes might you suggest? It might be nice to have an opportunity to get off the interstate occasionally.
    Any suggestions? Of course I would want to take good highways.
    This would be fine if it would break up the trip and be quicker. What do you have in mind?
    Looking forward to your suggestions!

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    Default Horsing around en route


    It's hard to tell what might please one individual as it could just as well disappoint another. If I had some time and wanted to see some sights yet not stray too far from the most direct route, I'd consider this:

    At Kansas City, stay on I-70 to Denver. Divert past Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park and cross the Continental Divide on Trail Ridge Road. From Granby on the other side, you can return to I-80 via CO 125 and WY 230 and 130. If you're digging it at Granby, you can stay on US 40 across the remainder of CO and into UT, all the way to Park City, UT, a great overnight stop due to the many restaurants and bars on the historic Main Street. From Park City, you can pass through Salt Lake City by taking I-80 east to I-15, and around 30 miles north of SLC you connect with I-84 to Boise.

    Another alternative is to stay on or return to I-70 west from Denver or Granby and pass through the alpine sections of CO. Glenwood Springs is a favorite overnight of mine, with a nice hotel, access to a giant series of hot springs pools, and good restaurants and bars within walking distance over a neat footbridge spanning I-70 and the Colorado River, which runs right beside the hot springs pools. West of Glenwood Springs, you can pick up US 6 which then runs northwest to Provo, UT, an there you pick up I-15 to SLC, Ogden, and I-84 to Boise.

    Have an enjoyable and safe trip.


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