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  1. Default Weird Strange Fun attractions in the west?

    Hi, have done a search but not really found a thread just for this.

    I'm going for a two week roadtrip starting at Las Vegas then going to LA/Hollywood, San Francisco then back to Las Vegas via Death Valley.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any cool, weird, strange and Fun things to see and do that's not in the main citys, but in between. I've heard there are some really big things that are fun to see like a ball of string or baseball mit, tried to find this but no luck. If anyone has any ideas of places, any information would be great.
    More the better, lol.


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    Roadside America has a lot of weird sights to see. You might find some decent diversions through that.

    The ghost town of Rhyolite is right outside Death Valley (on the road out of Beatty, NV) and is an interesting stop, both to see the remnants of the town itself and some other sculptural weirdness that's been placed there.

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    Thank, that link is great. I think I'm gonna have to extend my holiday.

    Has anyone been to any of them?

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    Default Yeah, fun stuff

    I have contributed a couple of new finds of strange and whacky things to the Roadside America site.

    We also have some other resources here: Roadside Marvels and Destinations & Attractions should both give you some fun ideas.

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    Thanks for the links, really looking forward to my holiday roadtrip now.
    Going to keep my eye out for anything thats not on here so when I come back I can add it to this great site.

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    Default Cool

    And when you come back, you might give us a roadtrip report, too. Photos are always nice, especially of strange and quirky things.

    Is there anything else we can help you with?

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    I think that everything, Thanks alot guys for helping me and I will for sure take some pics for you all.


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