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    Me and my husband are going to the states for our Honeymoon. Flying in from Sweden. I have been reading a lot of these threads but I can't find out all the answers I want, but it has helped a lot, THANKS!!!

    We are driving from Las Vegas on the 5th of November up north to San Francisco. We have time for one overnight stay somewhere, and would ofcourse like to see as much as possible. We where hoping on going via Death Valley and Yosemite, but according to viamichelin there are no good ways going that way. Can someone pls help us.

    Also I have heard that a lot of roads can be closed during this season. Is there anyway to find out before I stand before the closed sign??

    And last but least, any driving tips thats is good to know? How is the police over there, strict?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Love Charlie (and yes I am a girl)
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    Default Lots of resources

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The trip you are describing is the most discussed trip on this forum, so there are a lot of resources to help you plan the trip. I'd start by making sure you've read the threads found here.

    As long as Tioga Pass is open, it isn't hard to travel the route you are describing and you'll find lots of resources in those threads I just linked to. If the program you are currently using isn't plotting it for you, I'd suggest using another option, perhaps Google where you could manually adjust the map, or even better, I'd get a good paper map or atlas so you can see the route for yourself.

    Early November is within the range when Tioga can be closed or open. There will be signs posted well before you get to the road closed sign if the road does close for the year.

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    Default Be Prepared

    Välkomnande! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Early November is about the time when Tioga Pass usually closes for the winter. The state of California updates road conditions hourly. So, you can find out before you head out whether the pass is open or closed (subject to change while you're on the road!) but you'll need to be prepared for either eventuality. If it's open, then you can leave Death Valley on CA-190 and then head north on US-395 and stop overnight between Big Pine and Lee Vining before crossing Tioga Pass on CA-120 through Yosemite on your way to San Francisco. If Tioga Pass is closed, then you'll have to turn south on US-395 after transiting Death Valley and then use CA-14/CA-58 to go around the Sierra Nevada rather than through them. Bakersfield would be the roughly halfway point, and you can still get to Yosemite Village - you'll just have to come in from the west.


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    Thanks for a quick reply. I have read those threads before, and they only help to a certain limit.

    I fund a description of how to best go to San Francisco via Death Valley and Yosemite, but it states that I should basicly go up thru Death Valley and then down to Bakersville(?) and up to Fresno, then on to Yosemite. Aren't there any better ways.

    Regards Charlie

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    Default 1 night = 2 choices

    Hello Charlie.
    As said by Michael and Buck , the only other option given your time scale and route is if the Tioga pass [120] is open. This would be my preferred choice as Buck explained it, leaving Vegas on the 160 to Pahrump and get on the 190 at Death valley junction. You just need to keep an eye on the conditions as per the link given.
    To see Death valley and Yosemite be prepared for 2 long days, but very enjoyable ones.
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    Default them dang mountains

    You really are at the mercy of the weather, since you've got the Sierra Nevada mountains blocking the path between Death Valley and the Yosemite Valley.

    Once the snow starts to fly, most of the passes over the mountains are not driveable. As has been mentioned, that usually happens some time in November. The only year round passes in this area are CA-58 (a fast 4 lane highway) and CA-178, both which would take you to the Bakersfield area, or US-50 and I-80, both are up near Lake Tahoe. You might be best off getting a paper map of the area so you can have a better visual idea of what we are talking about.

    If you are looking to do this trip in 2 days and see Death Valley and Yosemite after the point where Tioga Pass closes, the going via Bakersfield really is the most practical route.

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    Thank you so much for all help, I have now bought a paper map. Thanks for clarifying that I really will have to go down to go up. It just seemed wierd. But it seems to be the best way.
    Thanks for all your help.

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