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    im also looking for some help, were two irish girls starting a road trip first week in sept starting from san francisco. Were looking to drive to las vegas stopping overnight somewhere? any suggestions and then on to las vegas for a few days, we then need to return to san francisco hoping to take in yosemite over night dunno how feasible this is and drive on to san francisco for another few days. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! we want to get the most from the trip with as little stress as possible :)

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    Default Yosemite is worth it.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    It's a very popular trip and one that you should find lots of info on within the forums.
    From San Fran to Vegas the most direct route would be to get on I-5 heading south and then CA 58 to Bakersfield and Barstow[stopping in this area] and onto I-15 to Vegas.

    From Vegas to Yosemite, a very popular route is to leave on the 160 to pahrump and then across Death valley [190] to Lone pine and North on the 395 towards Lee vining.
    A popular stop would be around the Bishop or Mammoth area time wise.
    At Lee vining you cross the sierras by way of the Tioga Pass [120] into Yosemite, but to do this and make it worth while you will need at least another night in or just out the other side of Yosemite before continuing to S/F or else you are just going to be driving the whole time.
    Having said that it is worth it, Yosemite has outstanding scenery and is one of my favorite places.

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    thats such a great help :) im so excited about this road trip!!
    such a nice help to have ppl to talk to and find out different points of interest!

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    Im looking for some suggestions for our road trip were two irish girls looking for an adventure with as little stress as poosible. We are heading to san fran first week in sept for a few days and then travelling towards las vegas! we will drive san fran after a few days there stop somewhere overnight (any ideas ) and then on to vegas for 3 nights. after this we want to head back towards san fran stopping in yosemite if possible overnight (or any other good route if you can think off) and then on to san fran for a further three nights befire heading home ! is this possible? or if not can you think of an alternative route to vegas in our 13 day trip

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    sorry i thought i was to try other threads my apologies :(

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