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    Default Road Trip Head Ache

    Hi people,

    Me and my girlfriend are planing a trip around south east asia then on to do a trip from one side of america to the other.
    This is something we have always wanted to do and are up for anything. The thing is we have seen soooooo many different options of trips that it is all starting to look the same (obviosly they aren't), so i need help.

    We are renting an RV in LA and plan to drop it off in New York we are planning for 3 weeks which i think may be enough time??

    I initially wanted to go across US 50??? which is dubbed the lonliest road in some web sites and this sounded great!!!

    However since talking to a friend he said that going along the south coast via Las VEgas, texas, alabama, new orleans etc then up to Niagr falls would be great!!!

    Can anybody suggest a route things to see do....we love american films especially films like Texas Chanisaw Massacre, Cabin along the way we would like to pass through very small towns off the beaten track that not many people know about. We would also like to visit a natioanl park or Lakes with camping facilities like is seen in films such as "Cheaper by the dozen 2". These may sound strange requests but hey....too many films for ya!!!

    If anyone can give advice or suggested itinary that would be great

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    Default Life Screen not Big Screen

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The first thing I always warn when people ask a question like this is to remind them that life is not like the movies. If you are hoping to replicate what you are seeing on the big screen, you could very well be disappointed. Real life doesn't happen on a sound stage, where everything is set up to create the "perfect" atmosphere for a situation.

    There are thousands upon thousands of small towns in every corner of the US, so you will have no problem finding them. US-50 is one of many routes you could use to cross the country, although the term lonliest road typically only refers to the section across Nevada.

    US-50 might be the right choice for your trip, but taking a trip through the south via the cities you've mentioned could also work. You could also zig-zag through a combination of those and other places. I'd really start by getting a map, take a look at the places you think would be most interesting to you, and start building your itinerary from there.

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    Default Enough time

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A

    We are renting an RV in LA and plan to drop it off in New York we are planning for 3 weeks which i think may be enough time??
    Where as you have enough time to do this cross country trip you could spend this much time in California, Nevada and Utah for example and only just brush the surface of things to see and do, the States offers so much and distance's are vast compared to what we are used to here in the U.K.
    From Vegas you have so many parks around it will make your head spin, there is Death valley, Zion, Bryce canyon, Grand canyon and Monument valley to name but a few, all providing different and awesome scenery, little towns and Indian lands. You could then hit Colorado and once again there is a million and one things to see and do , and it goes on!

    I think your best bet would be to do more research and start looking for "must do's" and then try and piece them together into order and come back with a rough itinerary and we can then help you piece it all together.

    Regarding the R.V, it's a great way to travel [the only way for me in the U.S.A] but make sure you do your homework on the costing, there are a lot of extras on the initial hire price and adding to that a return of 10 m.p.g on fuel, it's quite an expensive way to travel with just two people, and check out the extra charges for the "one way fee".

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