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  1. Default Two Best Friends, Buffalo to Florida and Clueless!

    My best friend and I are traveling from NY, with the ultimate destination of Florida, although we're not disappointed if we don't end up making it there. We're planning on a 12-day road trip and are looking to have as much fun as possible. I've perused the threads but am still looking for suggestions. We're pretty much flying by the seat of our pants and entrusting our lives to the GPS. We know we're "swinging by" Rehoboth (sp?) Beach in Delaware and also stopping to see friends in Stafford, VA at some point. Can anyone offer any suggestions on things we absolutely shouldn't miss? As I said, we literally have no set plans and can change direction on any whim.

    A little bit about us: both single, 30, spontaneous, love sports (we'll definitely be stopping by some arenas/stadiums, already have that mapped out), and can pretty much find or make a party anywhere we go. We get in just enough trouble to have a great time but not cross any lines.

    We're especially looking for things outside of the typical Outer Banks, VA beach, etc, as we want to come back with crazy stories of seeing obscure things like The Biggest Rubber Band, etc.

    Can anyone help us wayward party girls??

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, it's exceedingly difficult to offer suggestions when even you don't know where you'll be going, so in general I'd suggest that you toss the GPS in the trunk or back seat and get a good paper atlas. The problem is that the GPS will route you almost exclusively down the Interstate and that won't let you see the signs for the World's Largest Rubber Band even if you came within a couple of miles of it. Stick to the 'back' roads and explore - you'll find stuff. As an example, the one leg of your trip that I do know about, Rehoboth Beach to Stafford gives you the chance to take a couple of out-of-the-way ferries which your GPS will NOT take you to. The first is the Woodland Ferry north of Seaford, DE (looks like this would be your last chance to take the smaller 2-car ferry before it gets 'upgraded') and it's free. The second is the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry across the Tred Avon River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This one also sets you up for a visit to St. Michaels, home of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, both of which can be quite charming.

    Too bad it looks like you're going to be traveling too early to hit Punkin Chunkin.


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    Default Ocean City, MD

    Hola!! fellow Buffalonians. Well while going to Virginia you can check out Ocean City in Maryland. It has one of the best beach and boardwalk and if you like to party, you could check out Club Seacrets in the night there.

    P.S. Get some hot wings from Duffs if you happen to cross by Rhode Island..LOL

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