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    I'm planning on going to Portland from NJ the month of August-- i don't plan on driving at all most likely just buses or trains but i plan on stopping quite a bit during this whole adventure. Is this foolish or obtainable?


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    Which Portland are you going to? Oregon? Maine? Elsewhere?

    Regardless, relying on buses or trains will have some challenges, because you will be at the mercy of their timetables and destinations. There may be some options for an unlimited ride ticket with either Greyhound or Amtrak, where you could get off and on at your leisure, but you will have to investigate to make sure you find a reasonable ticket price that fits your needs.

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    Oregon-- I'm not really worried about how long it takes-- i've heard that amtrak and greyhound have their unlimited tickets, i just wasn't positive. I'm trying to worry as little as possible though so when the time comes i can just up and go!

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    Greyhound probably offers more destinations, more ease of getting on and off at smaller locations, and more frequent service, but is not currently offering a one price ticket with unlimited rides in some time period. Amtrak does offer a 30 day pass with unlimited miles in the US and Canada for $640-$1000 depending on time of year and other (senior, student, etc) discounts. Both will get you from New York City or Philadelphia to Portland, OR. Have a look at both and see which works better for you.


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    I see you are also going to Portland! YAY!.. I also am going in August..I am moving out there, are you going to relocate also?
    So you will be taking bus and train etc?


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