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    im an international student in LA and cant wait to start my road trip to explore indian tribes in west, particularly in calif. my interest is the lives of acient indian tribes and those who still live there as a part of modern society.
    help! who can help design a 7-day road trip for this theme? i will do appreciate it.

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    Default What a fascinating theme for a roadtrip!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forum.

    We actually don't plan custom roadtrips for people here. We are all just volunteers who enjoy roadtrips and helping people plan their trips. We do, however, help answer specific questions and provide general roadtrip advice. We just don't get into the detail you're requesting.

    I would be willing to answer some questions about Native Americans in Washington state. However, that is not where you're interest lies. I'm sorry I don't know much about the Native Americans of California. Maybe someone else will pop in who can help with that.

    This website has a lot of good information about Native Americans. Maybe this will help get you started in the right direction.

    I think we can help you best with things like route-planning and, possibly, tips on lodging, budgeting, etc. once you figure out just where you need to go to find what you're seeking. Hope this has helped a bit.

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    Well, for starters have you been to the Southwest Musuem in LA? It's up near East LA/ Eaglerock, and specializes in the Native Americans of the US Southwest. Very good musuem -- but I last time I looked it was closed for a while for remodeling. You might check it out, if you're in the LA area.

    I know the Bower Musuem in Santa Ana also has a section on native american history.

    Those are a couple of good resources to get you started.

    Other than that.. hmm.. Most of the Native American sites I've been to before the Spanish Mission period are no longer inhabited by the Native Americans in the area. There are lots and lots of Native American Tribes in California, ranging from the Yuroks up in the Redwoods area (the largest Tribe in California) to those smaller tribes in Southern California. There are lots of sites -- many recreations of native american houses and villages, and lots of places around with petroglyphs, intaligos, and old ruins.

    If I had to pick several places, not far from LA, I'd pick

    - Petroglyphs in Anza Borrego Stage Park, and near Vallecito.
    - Palm Canyon/ Indian Palms Oasises in the Desert (near Borrego Springs, and near Palm Springs)
    - Visit several of the Missions. For native life I'd pick the mission near Oceanside (the largest Mission) and the smaller satellite Mission in Pala, still used by the Pala Indians
    - Visit Santa Barbara for the Chumash Indians. I believe the Santa Barbara Natural History musuem has a section on them, including their plank boats and their use of the Channel Islands.
    - Visit the Indian Intaligos in the desert between Blythe and Needles.

    Beyond that, it would be interesting to visit the Navaho, Hopi, and other other tribes in Arizona and New Mexico, but you're talking 2 days drive each way.

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    thank you all. i do appreciate your response. your recommendation reall helps. well, im thinking of a roadtrip along Fwy 49 for the theme of Goldrush cause native American tribes spread all over the southwest area and hard to get a whole picture on a roadtrip. anyway, your unself and valuable help gives me a good start here.

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    Default Glad Larrison came along!

    If you have further questions about routes, lodging, other things to see/do, please let us know.


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