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  1. Default Boston to Niagara in December

    Hi there, new to this forum and have seen lots of useful posts, so am hoping for some guidance!

    Have seen the various suggestions by AZBuck and others here and here, which have proved to be a guide.

    My trip;
    Land Boston midday Sat Nov 29th.
    Plan to explore downtown Boston, historic sites, freedom trail etc the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday.

    Then, either Sunday night, or more likely first thing Monday morning (Dec 1st) we plan to set off on a drive. We need to be in Toronto 9am on Wednesday morning, that is the target destination.

    That gives us all of Monday & Tuesday to play with.

    Seeing Niagara is a must for us, so tuesday we'd like to end up there, though from what I've heard/read even getting there midday and staying 3/4 hours would be enough, we just want to see the spectacular falls.

    So - having said all this, I'd like to leave Boston Mon morning, go to XXX, spend the day there, leave XXX late Tues morning, and head to Niagara, then late Tues eve/afternoon drive from Niagara to Toronto.

    Where/what XXX is? I need advice!

    We really want spectacular views, mountains / lakes, that kind of thing if possible. And my wife (it will be the two of us on the trip) has a dream of staying in a place with a log cabin / fire place!

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    Default XXX = Adirondacks

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The Adirondack Mountains of New York have just what you're looking for and are roughly halfway between Boston and Niagara. While I can't recommend specific accommodations, if you just do a search on 'Adirondacks lodge OR cabin', I'm sure you'll find something to suit your tastes.


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    Thanks AZBuck!

    This site, seems to have lots of resources.

    Looking at a map the Adirondacks seem huge and vast! I would probably just be able to visit the southern tip.

    Mayfield / Caroga Lake / Wells / Higgins Bay / Northville / Lake Pleasant / Speculator - these all seem within reasonable distance of I-90.

    Anyone have any personal faves / recommendations?
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