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    Hi Folks,
    My friend and I are driving from DC to SF in 10 days (July 1-10) We have free places to stay in Cinncinnati, Chicago, Denver and SF but thats about it. We were planning to stay at hotels and or camp at other resting points!

    I am currently figuring out an route for us and was wondering if you had any suggestions as far as resting points between:

    1. Chicago and Denver?

    I was thinking of stopping by Mount Rushmore, SD and see this tourist Attraction. Is there a better option? Any suggestions?

    2. Denver and SF?
    I was also thinking of camping in Utah for a day or at one of Utah's national parks. I am kinda torn because I have heard that Zion was beautiful and the arches best I do not want to drive through California's desert through LA and up CA's coastline only because it will be very hot and I have done that before. Any suggestions of good camping/national Parks that would take me North of Salt Lake City and into Northern Ca?

    Anyways, any thoughts would rule! Thanks again :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    1) Omaha is about half way between Chicago and Denver and would make a good overnight stopping point if you decide to just drive straight through. But if you decide instead to detour through the Rapid City area, then you're going to have to add at least a day (fortunately you have the time) and stops would be (very roughly) Worthington, MN and Rapid City.

    2) You can quite easily use I-70 out of Denver, see Arches and then head up to Salt Lake on your way to San Francisco. But that will leave you with a wide expanse of Nevada to cover on your way past the Lake Tahoe area San Francisco. The only national park along that would be Great Basin if you stayed south of Salt Lake City and used US-50 instead of I-80 to cross Nevada.


  3. Default if you stop in chicago

    i live right outside chicago and just love that city. i don't know if you have a full day in the chicago area but if you do i would stop by the chicago cultural center (on michigan av). they have tons of fun stuff to do. i just went with a friend and we did this 'urban adventure'. its set up to do 7 different 30 min adventures all within walking distance of the cultural center. you get a pin after doing eat one... it was really fun (and free!!). i suggest the culinary and lakefront adventures, i thought they were the most fun! you also have to stop by the laurie gardens in millennium park they have this water channel that runs through it. you are allowed to take your shoes off and put your feet in the water. very relaxing on a hot chicago day and with the down town buildings in the background.... just beautiful!! good luck!

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