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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

    Default Wisconsin Water Hitting Us

    All that water in Wisconsin is making its way across the Illinois border here on the Chain of Lakes, which has been closed as of yesterday after being no wake last week.

    It is about a foot higher than last August's flooding.

    Nowhere near as bad as Wisconsin and Iowa, though.

    Of interest, I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about the Quaker Oats cereeal plant being closed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They said it was the largest vereal-making plant in the US and is where oatmeal and cereals like Captain Crunch and Life are made.

  2. Default flooding in Iowa - which roads to avoid?

    Hello - I am trying to figure out if my trip next week will be affected by all of this flooding? We are going from Chicago--Madison--Sioux Falls--Rapid City--Sheridan. I believe the route is I-90 through Iowa. Will we need to take a detour? I greatly appreciate any advice.

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    Default I-90 or Iowa?

    First of all, you've actually got a bit of a contradiction. You can use I-90 to get from Chicago to Sioux Falls, but the route doesn't go through Iowa. I-80 and I-29 will get you from Chicago to Sioux Falls through Iowa - both routes are pretty similar in distance.

    I haven't checked on I-80 lately, but I-90 is open throughout Wisconsin (there are still problems on I-94 and I-39). The links provided earlier in this thread should help you find a good route.

  4. Default road closings through midwest

    We have been planning a road trip from Pennsylvania to Utah, leaving on Tue, July 1, 2008. Does anyone have UP TO DATE info on the road conditions and closings due to the recent floods in the Midwest. The shortest route to where we are going in Utah is via rt 80, but we are on a time schedule and so want to be prepared for any delays or detours. thanks

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    Default moving south

    I believe everything on I-80 is open again, I'm not aware of any issues there at this time. If you were taking I-70, I would still advise to check road condition reports, in case there are a few issues remaining in Missouri.

  6. Default rt 70

    anyone have current info on highway closings for rt 70 east through the midwest flood areas?

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