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  1. Default Please help with my midwest august baseball road trip

    I am going with 11 people on a midwest baseball road trip. Ive read other threads on such road trips what I am asking for is specific advice about the stadiums/cities we are going to be in and driving through. As well as good places to say (moderately priiced) and good things to see along the way we might be missing

    August 3- Mets-Cubs
    August 5- Philly-Brewers Miller Brewery
    Mets-Cubs @8pm
    August 6- Lambeau Field- packers training camp
    Indians-Twins Minnesota
    August 7- Twins- Royals KC
    August 8- Padres-Cardinals St louis
    August 9 Dodgers- Reds @ 1235
    Indians-White Sox @ 8
    August 10th- Bears training camp
    August 12th- Oakland- Detroit


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    Default clearing the air

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I can see one thing that might trip you up if you didn't notice it, but you've listed several 8 o'clock start times, but those would be Eastern time. Local time, those will start at 7. (The White Sox start all their home games at 7:11, thanks to a nice little tie in with a convience store chain)

    You've got a couple of days where it would appear you are trying to fit two games into one day? Those August 5,6, and 9th days aren't going to work if that's your plan. You just won't have enough hours in the day.

    Since you've mentioned a couple of football camps, I'll let you know that the Kansas City chiefs practice just outside of St. Paul in River Falls, Wisconsin. The Vikings practice in Mankato, MN, a little over an hour southwest of the Twin Cities.

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    Default Cubs Game

    We used to drive to Evanston and take the El down to Wrigley Field where you get off about a half block from the field. That would give you another experience. That will also save you the expensive parking. You could also take the El from downtown, the Loop.

    We used to decide on the day of the game to go (back in the late 70s-early 80s), go to Wrigley and get decent tickets. Obviously, you can't do that anymore, especially with the team playing as well as they have recently. Twice, we drove to Milwaukee to watch the Sox play the Brewers at night, so got to see both teams on the same day.

    Nowadays, the wife and I like to go to minor league games. The stadium in the Quad Cities is a classic and right next to the Mississippi River.

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