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    This summer I would like to go on a two to three week roadtrip starting from San Antonio and of course ending up there as well. The problem is that I do not know just what exactly I should go to see and some logistical things of how long it will take to get places. So my question to you is what are some routes I should take? Where in America should I go? I personally would like to just hit the road ans see what happens but the lady I am going to be with insists on an itinerary for our first time. And furthermore, money is not an issue but I would like to save when I can. Thanks for the help.

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    The great thing about roadtrips is that there is no one answer, one size fits all trip that fits every person. I'd suggest starting by figuring out what you want from the trip, what sorts of places you'd like to see and what kinds of things you'd like to do. There are millions of possiblities, but it will be totally up to you to decide what trip that you are looking for.

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    Wow... That's pretty wide open. Well, for starters, what are you interested in? Are you an outdoorsy type person? Or are you more interested in city life? Are you into quirky americana type stuff (like world's largest whathaveyou)? Would you like to camp, take an RV or stay in hotel/motels?

    One way that you could plan this is to find out a few things that you would like to experience, be it a national park, music festival, etc. and plan your trip around those. If you're into a spontaneous, no plans trip, but your travel mate wants an itinerary, how about a compromise? Make reservations at a few must see sites and meander in between.

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