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  1. Default Renting car to Alaska from California

    Is it possible??? How about putting up 11000K miles in a rental car in three weeks???

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    Default I agree

    I don't believe any car rental agencies will let you take one of their vehicles to Alaska from the continental US but it's something that you'll need to check into. Well, you might be able to do it if you do it roundtrip but none will allow you to do it one-way and leave the car there.

    Be sure and get unlimited mileage in your rental agreement if you find one!

    It is possible to drive 11,000 miles in three weeks. That's about 525 miles per day. It will get old and you might get sick of driving but we usually recommend that people who need to burn miles figure about 500-550 miles per day so this fits right into our recommendations. We figure this is about the most people can safely drive in one day without major fatigue setting in. But that doesn't mean you won't get sick of driving this much each day over three weeks.

    If you do this trip, I'd love to hear about it when you get back so please consider doing a roadtrip report here, OK? Anything else we can help you with?

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    Default You can't do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by shaKEEN View Post
    Is it possible??? How about putting up 11000K miles in a rental car in three weeks???
    If you rent a car in Montana, the rental agency will allow you take a car into Canada for a few miles (with a surcharge) but no rental company will allow a one-way rental from California to Alaska. There are no "nevers" in the travel business, but this is about as close as you can find.


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    Thank you guys. So far, no luck. Most of the rental company I have contacted are charging way too much surcharges since I'm under 25. If it was around $5 than I wouldn't mind but they're charging $25 per day!!! I'm not done yet, I still need to call other major rental companies. By the way, I want to do this trip around august and I don't mind driving 600 miles per day because I have driven 800 miles in a day before. Then again, I will be driving 600 miles per day for 3 weeks, which will make any sane person go insane?! Well, if I do make the trip then I will let you guys know about it. But first I'm off to Asia this week till mid July. :-)

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    Default pretty standard

    Unfortuantly, under 25 fees are the norm, and $25 per day is pretty common. You might find some places that will go as low as $10 or $15, but that will likely be the best you can find.

    600 miles per day isn't that hard to do, but doing it every day for 3 weeks seems pretty pointless. Why spend all day every day in a car, if you aren't going to stop at anything?

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