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    I'm in Ottawa for a business conference. Drove here via Michigan 401 etc. Looking for advice on the drive home to be a bit more exciting. I was thinking of driving down from Ottawa through NY- then through Ohio, Indian etc just to shake it up a bit.

    Has anyone taken this route and how does it compare to the Michigan route?

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    Going south of the Lakes would only add abut 75 miles to your trip and would certainly offer a different perspective from taking the 401 back. But to truly get a different flavor, you should do more than just take American freeways instead of Canadian ones. To that end, I'd suggest that you look at spending some time in the Thousand Islands area, use NY-3 and US-20 rather than I-81/I-90, poke around the Erie Canal a bit, and visit Letchworth State Park and Cuyahoga Valley National Park


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    Default One more possibility

    If you've really got some time to work with, I'd look at actually heading a bit north as you head east and go through Ont all the way to Sault Ste. Marie. From there you could head south towards Chicago. That would be significantly different than either of the 2 options you've listed.

    This would require quite a bit more time than the other options, but its only about 100 miles longer.

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