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    Default What a great trip!

    You and your son, who sounds very talented, should have a lot of great memories from this. I really look forward to your roadtrip reports. Happy travels!

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    Default Thanks Judy and Road Food information

    We'll be posting a blog sort of sporadically from the road i'll be logging in here maybe with some reports and will link this forum to our blog in case anyone's interested. Last night I spoke with a pal who suggested when traveling up from Lousiana to Texas to check out Lafayette and try and hear some zydeco and tex mex music along the way, I am going to be on the lookout-the theme of our trip is American Roots Music not spend all your money at prepackaged and muccho expensive Disneyland..we'll see how this all goes, my son is a mature 10, i am pacing the trip (thanks to the info here about drive times) with only 300 mile-day-max rule so that he doesn't get bored and tired. He is so young and doesn't realize what 'once in a lifetime' means yet..

    on another note
    my wife was reading 'Real Simple' magazine today and saw this website on finding restaurants on the road. Probably been covered here but just in case it hasn't here's the linque

    and this one

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    Default Those are new for me!

    Might be fun to check out some of those places. Thanks!

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