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  1. Default buying a car in south america..

    Hi, I m planning a trip in south america soon and was wondering how can i do to have a car to drive through different countries in south america (argentina- brasil-chili-peru-bolivia).
    rent a car?looks like impossible...if you rent a car you can t pass the borders...
    buy a car?same if you buy on your name...then here is the latest opportunity..
    Does it works if i buy a car on the name of someone in argentina? I have a friend of mine who is willing to help me. He is in buenos aeres. that s what we were thinking about. He buy the car and insurrance on his name and we do the papers(realy important) to the official offices that he allowed me to use the car and go abroad with it. Does it work?if yes how long does it takes to get the papers ready. Does i get any chance to do a paper that he allows me to sell the car on his name abroad?I mean i would like to end up my trip in peru and would like to let the car there. does I get any chance to leave it there?
    I realy want to do this by car and want to get a solution
    If it s realy impossible. What do you thing about renting a car in each country?and about the way between the the places i have a car (border)
    Any information or reported trip in south america would be appreciate...

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    Default probably impossible

    You've certainly got a dream that is a pretty tough task, in an area with a ton of red tape.

    Your plan to have a friend buy a car for you and put it in his name, might work getting across the borders. Although, perhaps there is a way that the car could be put in both of your names, or perhaps you could register the car from his address - I just don't know how Argintinian law would work in the regards.

    What I think will be virtually impossible is selling your car in another country. Many countries in this part of the world have set up laws that basically make it impossible to import a car that you plan to sell. At best you'd be looking at some astronomical terriffs. And all of that is before you deal with the car being in someone elses name - I can't imagine any way that you could ever sell "someone elses" car, in their home country, much less in a foreign one.

    I would suggest trying to contact the government that you will be dealing with, but I think you are about to wade into some very murky waters.

    Good Luck!

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    Default On The Border

    Man, I think your border crossings could be a problem. Caveat: I've never ventured to South America and have only read accounts of travel there, and one primary account is of a trip which took place some 18 years ago (Tim Cahill's classic roadtrip book entitled, appropriately, "Road Fever", a depiction of a Tierra del Fuego to Alaska's North Slope speed run in a GMC Sierra 4WD diesel pickup truck).

    I think you'd need lots and lots of recent spot-on advice from people who've done this before assuming you could routinely cross the often contentious borders with papers for a car which doesn't belong to you.

    I'd love to hear how all this works out.

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    Default I would be a little concerned as well

    Quote Originally Posted by Foy View Post
    ... could routinely cross the often contentious borders with papers for a car which doesn't belong to you.
    As Foy points out, this could be seriously challenging -- it is probably possible -- what I would suggest is that you contact the various posters of this section that have driven throughout South America and get their read on this.

    There are several tips here.

    And here.

    If you have the gift of gab, and carry lots of bribing supplies (border entry inducements), I think you could pull this off --- but you need to be prepared to walk away from the car if things get too dicey.


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