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    Default In and around Joshua tree, Ca

    Hi there

    I am travelling and staying in Palm Springs, CA, in Aug this year.

    I want to visit the Joshua tree national park,

    Can anyone give any good things to do, to see, at the park, or maybe enroute from Palm Springs, so that I can make best use of my available time. I have 48 hours in Palm Springs, and Joshua tree area, before heading off the Las vegas

    thanks in anticipation

    Tony S -

    A brummie from the UK

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    For things to do...

    First, in August it's going to be reallllly hot there. Perhaps over 110 F. What you need to do is going to limited by that.

    My normal advice would be to do a full day in Joshua Tree National Park -- but to do this, you're going to need to get out of the car and do some walking. If you want to do that, you'll need to get a very early start on the day, and have all your major walking done by about 10 am or so. I'd drive out to desert view, do some hiking and rock scrambling around Jumbo Rocks (there's a nature hike you can take on the northern edge of this, maybe 2 miles each way -- but I am concerned about the heat for a visitor).

    In Palm Springs, I'd take the tram up to near Mt San Jacinto -- it'll be like 20 degrees cooler. There are also some oasis areas near by (1000 Palms is my favorite, but Indian gardens is more popular). But again, I'd be concerned about the heat in August.

  3. Default Joshua tree

    Hi I just got back from the Palm Springs area. Joshua Tree will be very hot in August. Plan to be hiking by 7:00 or so and be done shortly there after maybe by noon at the latest. Ryan Mountain is one of the best short hikes to do with great views of the park. Also Warren Peak is good. Both these are about 1200 feet of elevation gain at the most. The tram at San Jacinto is a great idea. It drops you at at just over 8000 feet elevation. from there, there are many hikes to choose from including the top at 10,800 feet. Also San Gorgonio which tops out at 11,500 would be cooler, but no trams to take you to that high starting point!
    Palm Springs is a hiker's paradise, especially in the winter!

    Have fun!

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