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    So my good friend and I are planning to drive from Las Vegas to MD. Along the way some points we hope on hitting are Zion, Yellowstone, Boulder Colorado, Jacksonville Florida then up the east coast to Cape Hattaras and Outer Banks and finally to MD. It is kind of spread out but none the less these are some of the places we want to see. I"m looking for tips and recommendations of places to see that may be along the way and money saving tips. We also hope to camp and fish throughout the trip. We are problably going to take 5-6 maybe 7 days for the trip.

    One thing I am concerned about is unfriendly cops. Not that we will be speeding or doing anything wrong but just because some cops can give you a hard time for whatever reason they wish. Are there any places you suggest to avoid for this reason?

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    I'm sorry to tell you, that right now you just don't have enough time to do all the things you say you want to do. Just covering the miles of zig-zagging between Vegas, north to Yellowstone, south to Florida, and back north to Maryland would take up every bit of the 7 days you've got planned. While you could throw up a tent to sleep every night, you certainly wouldn't have time to fish in between your point to point sprints.

    As far as Cops go, the simple best thing I can tell you is to avoid standing out of the crowd. Even if you find a cop in a bad mood, if you really aren't doing anything wrong, its rare you'll find one who will waste his time on you. There are just too many people out there doing things to attract attention otherwise.

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    Ok well, yellowstone is out and time is flexible

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    Default Time is flexible?

    Does this mean you have more than 7 days?

    If not, I'd say with 7 days that you should focus on the route rather than on specific destinations. As it generally takes 5 days to cross the US and about 2 days to go from south-to-north on the coasts, I think your trip is already pretty packed without adding specific destinations to your trip. If you have more than 7 days, you can start adding other destinations.

    What routes are you planning on taking? Or is this what you need help planning?

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