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    Default Yellowstone Concern...

    Evening to you all. Just a concern i've got about camping in Yellowstone an wondering if an experienced camping member of the site could clear this up. See, me an my driving comrade Dave are fairly inexperienced at camping, and by fairly I mean completely, and we're just slightly worried about the bears should we camp in Yellowstone?? Do they pose a threat?? Need we sleep with our shotguns? Or are there provisions taken at campgrounds to ensure campers safety... like 24 hour armed surveilance or somethin along those lines? Are there ever any fatalities at campgrounds due to bears and if so, is there anything you would recommend to ensure we stay clear of such an eventuality?

    And also, wot time would someone advise us to get to campgrounds in the morning to hopefully grab a spot? Is there a universal magic number or just early in the morning an keep fingers crossed???


    Matt & Dave

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    Default No need to be bear phobic

    but I'm still a bit bear phobic myself. But, really, it's pretty safe. Especially if you follow all the recommendations on bear safety (links below).

    To get more information about visiting Yellowstone National Park, you might want to visit the national park website.

    I can assure you that camping in Yellowstone is safe. People do it all the time without incident. Parents even take their children camping there. This page talks about safety issues Be sure and follow the links on this page to more information about bear safety. (By the way, guns are not allowed in the national parks so don't even think about that!)

    The most chance for contact with bears is on the trails. Again, follow the rules listed and you shouldn't have a problem. The biggest problem with bears in campsites has to do with food. Do not store food in your tent or car. If you are planning on camping in an organized campground, rather than in a back-country, hike-in location, the campground will have bear-safe storage boxes for you to store your food IF it's an area that has bear problems. If they don't have it, that means it's not a problem so don't worry about it.

    And, no, they don't have 24-hour security guards. LOL There's no need. The chances of being attacked by a bear are 1 in 1.9 million at Yellowstone. I think you're overstating the dangers a bit. ;)

    I would not suggest just showing up and hoping for a campsite. This is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Read about camping here and follow the link at the top of the page to the reservation website. If all sites are filled, you might have to look for a place just outside the park boundaries. There are many public and private campgrounds close by. And I would suggest getting reservations at these and not leaving it to chance.

    Since you are new to camping, you might want to read this Camping 101 post.

    Hope this helps get you started. Ask more questions as they arise.

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    Default I Love Yogi

    Thanks Judy. Your the best thing since sliced bread. Again you have calmed our fears. We appear to have alot of them? Its only cos we believe everything we watch on telly? Will give your links a thorough read tho an no doubt get back to you with more questions/concerns as they arise. Ooh, heres one off the head... Santa Barbera/Santa Ynez vinyards... did I read a post you made about this area?? We're planning visiting for sum of that juicy red stuff. Any helpful tips on tasting rooms and good vinyards to visit? I could be wrong tho so no worries... if anyone else has any info on this area it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again Judy.

    P.S, we wouldn't actually arm ourselves with shotguns! Was just messing. I was really planning on sleeping with a big stick and some insect repelant. That'd do the job right?

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    Default Central Coast -- "undiscovered wineries"

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_UK View Post
    Santa Barbera/Santa Ynez vineyards... Any helpful tips on tasting rooms and good vinyards to visit?
    it just so happens that there is a relatively new book that profiles many of the still-family-run wineries in this area. Here is my review of this great book.


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    Default Don't

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_UK View Post
    Its only cos we believe everything we watch on telly?
    LOL...really, just don't. Not too long ago, another Brit was afraid of running into Leatherface. Or was that you? Since not all Brits are Sweeney Todd or James Bond, figure not all Yanks are Leatherface or John McClane, OK?

    I'm glad Mark weighed in on the winery info as I have very limited knowledge about that, especially outside of my own state.

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    I've not camped in Yellowstone, but I have camped in its next-door neighbor Grand Tetons National Park. This is a touristy area, and you'll find established campgrounds with all the typical camping amenities. In spots like this, you don't find a great number of wild animals -- they gravitate away from our noise, etc.

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