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    Default three british lads on route 66


    we're looking at doing route 66 in april '09 and would appreciate some advice and info on the drive.

    plan is to rent a convertible to pick up from jfk and pick up the old route at chicago, drop off at lax, then fly from lax to cancun for spring break for a few days. we'll be 25 and are having trouble finding somewhere to rent a car. there are some nice new convertibles, but we really want a classic like a ford mustang or a cadillac.

    other option is to rent an rv and save on hotel/motel costs. to be honest it is partly just an excuse to drink every night on a good holiday and see some amazing sights and have a brilliant experience.

    roughly set 1st-14th april to drive the route, then if we go to cancun for spring break we'd stay 'till the 20th down there. in fact, on that note- is there anywhere that would be better for spring break?

    any advice on any aspect of the route would be great,


    george, john, paul and ringo.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortuantely, I don't see it very likely that you'll find anyone who will rent a classic car like you are describing. Quite frankly, the cost to maintain such a vehicle makes it impractical to use as a rental from a business perspective. If you could find such a rental, it would undoubtedly be very expensive and one way rentals would likely not be allowed. Renting a new Mustang convertable or other sports car would be pretty easy to find, of course there will be a premium over a regular car, but it might be worth it to you if you have the funds.

    RVs can make for great trips, but they really aren't money saving tools. Anything you'd save in hotel costs you'd more than use up in the additional costs to rent an RV, to pay for fuel, and to pay for campsite rental.

    There are lots of Route 66 resources and threads at RTA, including an entire section dedicated to it in the planning pages.

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