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  1. Default NYC to Montana in May

    I am taking a road trip to Montana with some close friends. We are planning on going to Glacier Park and stopping here and there along the way to camp, eat, explore, ect.

    Our trip is going to be about 10 days total. I have never been out west and dont want to miss anything amazing.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default 10 days and sightsee along the way, too?

    Welcome to the RTA forums!

    We generally recommend that people only travel about 500-550 miles per day. This will generally take you about 9-10 hours per day including short, quick stops for food/fuel/bio breaks. So you'll have a little bit of time to sightsee on the way but not a lot. You are about 2350 miles from Glacier NP. If you average 550 miles per day, this is about 4.25 days each way. Leaving you about 1 day in Glacier.

    You could try to cover more miles but then you start getting into fatigue which lessens the fun you'll have on the trip itself. And give you even less time to sightsee along the way but then you could squeeze a bit more time for Glacier.

    Anyway....I'd like to give you some advice on what to see along the way but I fear you're just not gonna have time for too much of that.

    How many days did you plan on spending in the Glacier area?

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    We are giving ourselves min. 12 hrs of driving a day so thats going to be about 3 days there and 3 days back. There are going to be atleast 3 drivers in the car who are all used to and fond of driving forever. So we arent to worried about fatigue. But thank you for the concern, its deffiantely something to worry about.

    We are hoping to spend atleast 2 days in glacier but we arent being to confined to a schedule.

    So please, any suggestions would be awesome.

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    Default Going To The Sun Road


    I'm probably guilty of sounding like a broken record, but I love Montana and Glacier NP and my ears perk up every time I see a post related to Glacier in the Spring.

    Just be advised it will not be possible to traverse the Park on Going To The Sun Road in May. At least it's not very likely. Montana is finally having a banner snow year, and under even average conditions, it's normally early June before the snow can be cleared and the road opened.

    Have a great, safe trip, but check ahead with the Park Service if driving that particular road is a "must" for you and your friends.


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