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    Default Moving to AZ from NY doing my first CC trip

    Hi I recently got a job in Arizona and I'm moving May 21 from NY and doing the drive. I was wondering if anyone had any good sites/places/parks that I should go see. I really want to be able to see as much as I can.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default timeframe?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What sort of time constraints do you have for this trip? Are you traveling in your own car, or are you using a moving van? What sorts of things are your general interests/do you have any places you already know that you want to visit?

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    I have about 4 days to drive out, I have a SUV I would love to go see the 4 corners. While i'm out there working i'm going to take weekend trips to go see things.

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    Default Drive

    New York City to Phoenix is nearly 2500 miles. To cover that distance in 4 days, your days will look like this:

    Day 1) Get on the Interstate and drive
    Day 2) Get on the Interstate and drive
    Day 3) Get on the Interstate and drive
    Day 4) Get on the Interstate and drive

    You do not have time for seeing parks or anything else that is not visible from the road. You do not have time for side trips on two lane roads to Four Corners. Sorry, but those are the cold hard facts.


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    Default sad reality

    I pretty much am in agreement with Buck. To cover that distance on that timeframe, you're already going to be looking at 11+ hours per day every day on the road. Thats already a whole lot of time to be spending behind the wheel, and makes it very difficult to do much exploring, especially to places that require 150 mile detours on 2 lane roads.

    I'd save the 4 corners for one of those weekend trips once you're settled into your new place.

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