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  1. Default Best Road Trip in 2 weeks?

    Hi there !

    I am planning a road trip with 2 friends of mine this summer and we can only spend 2 weeks on the road.

    I am French, like very much America's landscapes and lonely roads. We are looking for a buddy trip, great landscapes and are not affraid to cover a lot of miles!

    Our favorite trips would be either Seattle-San Diego or the US 5O from Washington to San Francisco.

    Is it realistic to do this in 2 weeks?

    If not I thought about Dallas-San Francisco-LA, is it feasible in 2 weeks?

    Finally, if neither trip is feasible is 2 weeks could you give some suggestions on possible trips?

    Thanks a lot for your help ! ! !

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    Default different animals

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    "Best" is always a tricky word, because it implies there is one right answer. Any of the trips you've laid out could be done in 2 weeks, it just depends upon what you are after.

    Each of your possible plans are pretty different. US-50 would give you a nice broad cross section look at the US from coast to coast. While a Seattle to San Diego would let you focus on all the wonders of the west coast.

    I guess it depends upon what you are looking for, but from the sound of your statements, looking for lonely roads and landscapes, I might lean towards the larger variety of a coast to coast trip.

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    Thanks a lot for your prompt answer!

    In terms of coast to coast trips what would you suggest between the US 50 and the US 80 (from San Diego to Georgia)?

    I did some preliminary research and it looks like the US 80 offers a lot of very beautiful and diverse landscapes but also cultures, food and people accross Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and California.

    Does a 2 week coast to coast trip imply to drive all day long or does it leave some room to sightseing, partying and improvisation?

    Thanks again

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    If you are more interested in the south, then choosing a more southern route makes a lot of sense. Of course highways numbers are just numbers, its not like you have to stick to only one route as you travel across the country.

    I'd plan on the driving alone to take at least a week to 10 days if you are sticking to exclusively to 2 lane US highways, but that still gives time to explore things along the way. If you start to get crunched for time, you could always find an interstate to pickup a few extra miles.

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    Default I'd go for US50

    We did it a couple of years ago. It was truly amazing. Our report is here.

    Dang, I cannot get the hang of the underliney thing with links...

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    Default US-80 doesn't extend past Dallas!

    Quote Originally Posted by Antoine_T View Post
    In terms of coast to coast trips what would you suggest between the US 50 and the US 80 (from San Diego to Georgia)?
    A point of clarification -- you will be unable to find any highway signs that identify US-80 past Dallas (headed west). US-80 is only found between Dallas and Tybee Island in Georgia.


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    Default 180

    US 180 Looks really cool for the Western side from Dallas. I've never driven the road, but from looking at a map it goes from Dallas to Carlsbad, through New Mexico and wanders up through Arizona before joining I-40 around Flagstaff and seems to wander into oblivion in the general direction of the Grand Canyon. You could always take I-40 and then catch US 180 to Dallas and then US 80 on the other side of Dallas.

    I've traveled US 80 from Grand Saline, TX all the way to the Mississippi Border with Louisiana. I always recommend it as a good road and a good way to see small town Southern USA. It's not in the best shape in East Louisiana, but that's mainly due to all the farming equipment out that way.

    BTW - I think US 180 has now been added to my list of roads to travel. I'm very intrigued with that route.


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    Thanks to everyone for your help!

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