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    Default underage car rentals

    We are four 19 year old students from denmark, hoping to get some help in planning our road trip from albuquerque to San Francisco.

    Our main consern right now is that we canīt seem to find a car rental service that wants to rent us a car, because none of us are 21.
    Do any of you know of a car rentel firm that will rent cars out to 19 year olds?
    one way offcause.

    We have off cause considered buying a car in new mexico, which should not be a problem, but we are not sure that we can sell it agin in san francisco.
    So our second question is, if it is a problem to sell a car in californien, and do any of you know how long it takes?

    We would be so happy for any infomation, so thank you in advance =)
    cecilie, pauline, anna and maria

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    Default no good answers

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortunatly, there is no good answer to your question. Virtually no car rental agency rents to anyone under age 21, and if you do find it, you will need to expect to pay $50 or more per day in surcharges.

    Buying a car is not an easy task, nor is it a cheap option either. This is one of many threads that discusses this same often asked question and some of the red tape involved. I will add one more little potential problem with selling a car in California is that you need to be sure that it will pass a smog inspection. If it fails that test, your only option would be to make a very costly repair before sale or to sell it to a junkyard for scrap.

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    Default Costs

    I don't know of any reputable chain that rents to under-21s, and I would think that the types of places that do rent to that age group would most likely not have the support system in place that you would need if something might go wrong with the car. These would be smaller mom & pop places, which wouldn't allow rentals for that type of trip anyway.

    Buying and selling a car is a pain, dealing with the licensing, taxes, registrations, insurance, etc.

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    Default adventures on wheels

    Thanks for the good advice.
    We have discussed it, and it seems a bad idear to buy and sell a car, without some help. So hopefully we have found the solution. A company located in both denver and san francisco, have a buyback program. They will sell you a car in denver and then promise to buy if from you aging in san francisco, and offcause handel all the paperwork. It will cost more bacause we a younger then the usual crowd, but we had counted on that to begin with.
    hopefully it will all work out, and thanks aging for the advice.


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    Default Could you report back on the buy-back service?

    We get so many requests for this type of information. If there's a good buy-back service that does what they promise, we would like to know about it. Thanks! Hope things work out for you.

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    Default Here is a field report about Adventures on Wheels

    Quote Originally Posted by cillehk View Post
    They will sell you a car in denver and then promise to buy if from you again in san francisco,
    One of our members was quite pleased with this company. Here is their report.


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    I am sure it will all work out properly! Enjoy your trip.

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