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    hello there!

    I'll be visiting Seattle for 3 Months during the summer. Between Mid of May and June, I'll probably have 2-3 weeks' gap. After being in U.S. for two years, I decide to hit the road with my wife during that period(My wife does not drive).

    My current plan includes a bunch of NPs on I-80, I-90, I-86:
    Pittsburgh(start, May 12)
    Cuyahoga Valley NP
    Badlands NP
    Wind Cave NP
    Mount Rushmore National Memorial
    Bighorn Canyon
    Yellowstone NP
    Grand Teton NP
    Crater Lake NP
    Seattle(end, May 31)

    Could you leave some comments on these stops? We are still planning for detail schedule. Right now we plan to focus on Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Crater Lake. We are sort of looking forward to a get-away-experience, so we prefer have the schedule looser.

    I am indeed a little worried about my car, it's a Toyota Corrola 99, with 70,000 miles on it. It's current condition is good. Another thing is that will the time be good for crossing country? If possible, we'll try camping most of the time in NPs.

    Also, I'll drive back to Pittsburgh in late August.

    Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your planned stops are all great, no argument there. But since you have plenty of time, consider a few more. As you drive by the southern tip of Lake Michigan, through a very large urban area, take the time to visit a quieter, more natural center at its heart, the Indiana Dunes. And, since you're going to be in the neighborhood (Bighorn Canyon) a side trip to the Little Bighorn Battlefield and a drive up the switchbacks of the Beartooth Highway (US-212) would be in order.

    If your car is in good condition, then plan on using it for the trip. However, you should get it thoroughly checked out by a mechanic you trust. And tell him how much you plan to use, and rely on, it. The timing of your drives is fine. I think you'll enjoy the May one a bit more because the nights will still have a nip to them. Be sure to get out and enjoy the stars while you're in Big Sky Country.

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  3. Default stop schedule

    Hi, AZBuck, thank you for your suggestion.

    I added these stops to the schedule.

    Here is the new list:
    Pittsburgh(start, May 12)
    Cuyahoga Valley NP
    Indiana Dunes National lakeshore
    Chicago(1 day)
    Badlands NP
    Wind Cave NP
    Mount Rushmore National Memorial
    Devils Tower National Monument
    Bighorn Canyon
    Little Bighorn Battlefield
    Beartooth Hwy
    Yellowstone NP(2-3 days)
    Grand Teton NP(2-3 days)
    Crater Lake NP(2 days)
    Seattle(end, May 31)

    Another big problem for me right now is about the timing. How much time should I expect to stay at each places? Will two or three hours be enough for some of the parks?



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