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  1. Default New Orleans to Los Angeles and then some

    This summer, a few college friends and I are looking into the possibility of a major road trip. We would begin in New Orleans, LA and travel through Texas via I-10 to Los Angeles (going through Houston, San Antonio, and Phoenix). From there, we hope to head north to San Francisco, then across to Salt Lake City, UT; Denver, CO; Wichita, KS, and end in Birmingham, AL.

    I would really appreciate assistance on all parts of this trip including interesting places to see and tips on road trips in general.


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    Default A Few Questions

    How long will you have for this trip? What is your budget? Will you be renting a car or do you have your own? What kind of things interest you? Do you want to camp or stay at hotels?

    Also what college are y'all at? I'm a Loyola graduate. So I'm just being nosey.



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