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    Me and my friends are planning a road trip this summer to celebrate graduation, we are going to try and make it from Toronto to Vancouver in my 91' Jeep Cherokee. Were thinking 5 to 6 days to get there to make the trip a little more leisurely, spend a little over a week or until we get bored in Vancouver and head back in the same 5 to 6 days. We are planning to mostly camp and to be cheap on food. So we are thinking about 1000 bucks per person (there are 4 of us) with 1500 of it going towards gas. Think this plan can work?? Anything logistical I might have overlooked or should think about? FYI Im the only driver

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    Default Which way?

    Do you plan on doing this trip as a Trans-Canadian journey, or do you plan to go the faster route via the US? Considering your limited time (5/6 days really isn't much for this distance) I suspect the US route would be your best bet, and in that case, make sure everyone has their passports.

    The US journey should also be much cheaper than staying in Canada, as long as the currency situation stays where it is.

    Also, this is true in every case, but even more so when you are looking to travel cross country in a car that's nearly 20 years old: Get a very good inspection of your Jeep before you go, and get anything that is on the way out fixed before you hit the road. Your $4000 budget will dry up very fast if you need to start making repairs on the road.

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    Default It's the journey, not the destination

    I'd suggest taking one route there and the other back. I'd also not try to push it to get to Vancouver. It sounds like you have plenty of time and that you're time is flexible so just enjoy the drive each way without pushing past interesting things to see.

    This post should help you work through figuring out your budget.

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    Yea we were thinking trans Canada, also I have been doing extensive work on the Jeep as we are leading up to the trip so I would be very very surprized if anything happened to the Jeep on the way there or back, also I have low miles (117,00Km or 75,000Miles) so it should be good.

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