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    Default MD to Denver to ???

    Hello to posting on this site, but I've been poling around for a bit to get advice for an upcoming road trip.

    Getting married in Havre De Grace, MD on April 26, and heading west from there for a 3 week road trip honeymoon. The only official plan as of now is a second reception in the Denver area a week later.

    We will be leaving on the 27th, and taking I-70 towards Denver. This will ultimately get us within ~5 miles of where we need to be out there. Anything we should see on the way? The arch in St. Louis is on the list since my fiance missed it her last trip out to visit family. Other than that, we'll probably soldier through that part of the trip to have some time in Colorado.

    After that, we're mostly planless. We'll have 15.5 days to work with to see the sights and get home. The loose plan is to head west through Utah and Nevada to California, then head down the coast and hit Arizona, and ultimately take 70 back home.

    So, the question is...what does everyone think are the 'must see' attractions on such a trip...and what's reasonable as far as expectations on how much we'll be able to hit in the given timeframe. We're both road warriors, and not averse to stupid amounts of driving in a day.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default what's interesting to you

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    The question of what is "best" or "must see" comes up very frequently, and its always a real tough thing to answer. What is a must see for me, might not be for you. What sorts of things are interesting to you and are you looking for on this trip?

    Also, if you are taking I-70 as you head west, is there a reason you plan to take it again heading east? Taking another route would give you the chance to see entirely different things on your way home.

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    We both enjoy camping and nature. I haven't spent much time out west, but she did some of the biggies since she grew up in Colorado. I'd Like to See Arches NP, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam...well, really I'd love to see everything...if only the bills paid themselves. Art and architecture are also interests.

    The main reason for taking 70 back east is speed and ease...the intention is to spend as much time as possible west of Colorado. Depending on how the trip shapes up, the return route could change to get us to interesting sites.


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    Default Art and Architecture

    Quote Originally Posted by electricnixon
    We both enjoy camping and nature... Art and architecture are also interests.
    Then, by all means see if you can include some of the following on your tour of the 'biggies' of the west: the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City; the Getty in Los Angeles; Sedona, AZ; Monument Valley; Mesa Verde; Petroglyph National Monument and Salinas Pueblos near Albuquerque; Santa Fe, NM; and Taos Pueblo and the Ghost Ranch outside Taos, NM.


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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    After looking at things more, I'm thinking we'll probably take 70 out to Denver, then take a more southern route back. The map is speckled with possibilities now, so before long things should take shape.

    We've tossed around the idea of hitting Badlands and Rushmore on the way out. Would the weather be cooperative in late April?

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    Default Spend a little time in the San Rafaels as you go

    Quote Originally Posted by electricnixon View Post
    The main reason for taking 70 back east is speed and ease...
    Interstate 70 will give you access to a near wilderness that has been considered as the next national park -- this field report and this one that addresses a couple of the places within a hour of the paved road will give you more than ample reason to slow down a bit and look around.


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    Thanks! 70 does seem useful for much more than the 'direct route' I was thinking of it as!

    I'm hoping to have a rough itinerary hashed out this coming weekend, so I'll post more thoughts once I do. Most of our time will likely be spent in CO, UT, NV, CA and AZ and NM, with some other quick stops on the way to/from.

    Right now I'm working on gathering/organizing gear and testing layouts for the car (Subaru Outback), which has been much easier thanks to some of the posts from this site! Once I started scheming I was amzed how many nooks the car has to stash gear. The spare tire well alone will hold enough tools to rebuild the car from the ground up. Also going with a rooftop carrier to maximize space in the car, since sleeping in it will happen when the weather isn't condusive to setting up a tent.

    Thanks Again,

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    Default Almost Time...

    Been lax in posting updates, but have been reading posts for ideas/advice like crazy!

    We will be leaving on Sunday for 3 weeks on the road. We have 3 potential routes out to Denver, which depend on weather and whim. Either 70 straight out, north through SD (Badlands, Rushmore) or more south to NM and up to Denver.

    A trip across 70 will mean 'spare' time will be spent at CO attractions.

    After our Denver stop we'll take 70 out into Utah and hit the band of seemingly amazing National Parks there, then likely on to the Grand Canyon.

    From there things get a little foggy, but I've got a ton of maps, a GPS and laptop to plan on the fly. Sequoia's are a must, and some of the CA coast.

    Thanks for all of the info this site has to offer...and look for a trip report upon our return. Hopefully it's a positive one!

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    Default Glad you've found the forum useful

    And have gotten so many good tips from the posts here!

    I like how you're obviously leaving very well prepared but also allowing yourself some flexibility. Enjoy your trip and we'll look forward to your roadtrip report when you get back!

    Any last minute assistance we can give you?

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