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    Default Driving from San Diego to Brazil

    I am planning a road trip from San Diego to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil beginning around the end of May 2009. I will be driving the Pan-American HW through Western Mexico, through Central America, taking the ferry from Panama to Columbia, then continuing the HW thru Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina, and from there to Uruguay, and from Uruguay to Brazil. I plan on taking about a month, will be driving a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid, and most likely shipping it back to US from Brazil and flying home. It will be about 15,000 miles, maybe a few more thousand. I am looking for two or three people to join the trip,$900 towards gas, ferry and other fees is all I ask, price may drop if I get more people to go, you can split lodging with me or get your own room, and you'll have to buy a plane ticket home from Brazil. Not a bad deal for you. I have driven from NC to Ca before, and am driving from NC to Alaska, then from Alaska to San Diego this May, so I'm not new to road trips and I've researched this trip extensively. If anyone would be seriously interested in the South America trip send me a message to get more details.

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    Default Good Luck

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't know if you'll find anyone to join you on such a unique adventure like this, but I wish you luck.

    Have you done your reasearch about the various paperwork and other legal hassles you'll have to deal with while crossing the variety of International borders in Central and South America?

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    Default Road Fever

    If you haven't read Tim Cahill's adventure about doing this, going from the southern tip of South America to Alaska, you should. Oh, man....if I was a bit younger, a bit richer, and a bit more adventurous....I wish, I wish!

    Please let us know how your trip goes and we'd love to hear a report when you get back. You're going to have some fascinating stories to tell.

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    Hello, I am planning on doing a similar trip come this December and was wondering if you successfully completed thus adventure and/or had any advice to give. Thank you, Alexandra

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Alexandra!

    I'm sorry to tell you, but the original poster has not been on this forum since 2008, so it is extremely unlikely they will be responding.

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    Hi Alexandra---that sounds like a very cool trip. I wish I would take the time & enjoy a long and surely interesting and definately adventurous road trip like that. Are you not apprehensive about the security aspect of this journey? Many "third-world" type counties/frontiers would be crossed. What is the route after leaving Panama? Understand the Pan-Am highway down into Colombia, would you continue on it through Peru & Bolivia or is there now a through route across the the Amazon directly toward coastal Brazil?

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