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    Hi Everyone,

    I am coming to Las Vegas for a few days with my mother from England. What I would really love to do is hire a car for the day and get out of Vegas to see a bit more of the real America. Ideally we would be able to return to Vegas in one day as my mother loves her creature comforts.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go?

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    Default 6 ideas

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There is an article on this site just for you:

    6 easy day trips from Las Vegas


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    Default Great link!

    Thanks for posting that link up, Michael. I have been on this site for almost two years and I am constantly amazed to discover that there is more information on here than I could possibly realise. I've never seen that page before!

    I am quite tempted to add a couple of those stops (Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon) to my own roadtrip later in the year.

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    Default A Baker's Half Dozen?

    Besides the 6 day trips discussed in the article that Michael pointed out, there is one other destination that might also fit your bill, and that is a trip down to Kingman, AZ. This is a more typically American west town than Las Vegas, and such a trip would take you both over the Hoover Dam and near to one of the great old highways of America.


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    Here is my list:

    Visit Hoover Dam / Lake Mead
    Bonnie Springs / Red Rock

    Plus, Zion National Park is a 3 hourish drive away.

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    You didn't mention your mother's age. Nonetheless, my vote is for Hoover Dam area and Lake Mead. It is positively breathtaking. It's hard to imagine water so blue so far inland. I guess you can still tour the dam but I visited before 9/11 so not so sure. If so, definitely take the tour, it is an easy walk even for someone elderly.

    I would drive out to the visitor's center at Red Rock Canyon and look for the donkeys hiding under the shade of cactus. Valley of Fire is further out and the only thing we really saw there was a few petroglyphs. Both are interesting but if you go take water and snacks because there is not much there.

  7. Default Howdy Pardner

    Hi Deb,

    I'm arranging a trip for 6 of us from England and I rather liked the look of Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada at

    Not one of the Seven Wonders of the World but looks like it could be a bit of fun !


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    Default If you like tourist traps

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieB View Post
    I'm arranging a trip for 6 of us from England and I rather liked the look of Bonnie Springs,
    Charlie, locals don't go to Bonnie Springs but if you like vintage American tourist traps -- Bonnie Spring would certainly appeal. Far more interesting to me, (mostly because it is authentic) is the Spring Mountain State park (about 3 minutes from Bonnie Springs).

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