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  1. Default RV Trip with Kids - San Diego to Oregon Coast in March

    Hi everyone!

    We are new to this forum - looks like a great one! We are planning a road trip, leaving on March 12th for 10-11 nights from San Diego up to the Oregon Coast in our RV ("T-Rex" - it's a Rexhall) with our two boys, ages 8 and 10. We want to avoid snow/ice with the RV on this trip, so we are thinking about the following itinerary, and would love some feedback:

    - Day 1: Drive to San Joaquin delta area, camp
    - Day 2: Fish, boat, camp
    - Day 3: Drive to Mendocino coast, camp
    - Day 4: Hike
    - Day 5: Drive north to Jedediah Redwoods SP, stop at elk overlook
    - Day 6: Hike
    - Day 7: Drive to Florence area, camp, sea lion caves
    - Day 8: ATV Oregon dunes
    - Day 9: Drive to Grants Pass area, camp
    - Day 10: Fish, hike
    - Day 11: Drive back to delta area, camp
    - Day 12: Drive home

    Any feedback? We are looking to bike, hike, fish, and take out our little Porta-Bote. Is two nights in each campground enough/ too much - or should we try to make it further north, say to Fort Stevens? Keep in mind it is mid-March. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your trip looks like you've given it considerable thought, and suites your purposes to a "T". I wouldn't worry too much about snow this late in the season as long as you're on the windward (ocean) side of the Coast Ranges. Wet maybe, but the ocean will keep it generally warm enough that snow should not appear in the forecast (which you will check daily nevertheless, right?) I actually very much like the fact that you're mixing travel days with back-to-nature days. Take it easy and relax - I wouldn't change a thing.


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