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  1. Default NY to Fl in 5 days?

    Hi all. July or August. Fly into NY and drive to FL. Me, the wife and 2 pre-teens. Minivan. 4-6 days max. Not driving back to NY!.

    Any suggested routes? [edit}. I realize it's not a whole lot of days, so i'd like to hit the major points of interest along the way....suggestions?. On a budget, so any recommendations on where to lodge (cheap, clean, safe!) and eat (local fare, no national fast food chains!) are welcome.....Thanks for the help!!!!
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    Default I hope you're staying in Florida for awhile

    It would be a shame to drive there and not enjoy it a bit.

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    One of our moderators did a trip and wrote a great report about it. If you scroll down to post #10 in this thread, you should start getting some interesting ideas of things to see and do. It's a good read.

    Other posts that might have some useful information are here and here.

    I'm sorry I'm not able to help out more. I've never driven much in that part of the country. But, hopefully, these will point you toward some ideas and somebody with more specific knowledge will pop in here to help you out some more.

    Happy planning!

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