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    I plan to take an extensive 4 month RV trip aroundthe US this fall and would like to use my lap top computer to connct to the internet to do my banking such as paying bills, transferring funds from other financial institutions if needed etc. How safe is the use of wireless internet for this purpose and what precautions should I take?


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    Default Depends on what type

    Hi artm and welcome the forum!

    It all depends on what type of internet you're using. Most wireless connections are safe and secure, the big problem comes when you're using your own wireless access point (home network) and it isn't properly setup. If you're using a commercial one, most are secure. The main thing to look for is one that opens a secure connection.

    If you're using a wireless cellular network, the risks are even lower.

    Of course, no network is 100% secure. There's a saying in the IT world: The only secure computer is one encased in concrete and buried 200 feet below the surface of the earth, and even then we'd be skeptic.

    Hope this helps!


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