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    Hello college spring break is coming up and me and another buddy of mine are planning a road trip to fl from pittsburgh to see our friend who is in fl for school. we plan on leaving around 7 pm and driving straight to orlando fl. is that a bad idea? should we take a break mid drive? if we do take a break can we just pull over in a rest area and nap in the car or is that not allowed? is there any fun stop along the way from pa to fl? any suggestions?

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    You are looking at roughly a 1000 mile drive - which would be two solid days on the road. You absolutely should take a break mid drive. We generally recommend no more than 500-550 miles on the road for an average day.

    Most rest areas are patrolled and almost all do not allow stopping to sleep. You will have more luck with either truck stops or Wal-Marts that allow sleeping in the parking lots.

    See this thread for more about Wal-Marts and free camping.
    Here's another thread about finding places to sleep.

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