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    My lovely neighbours are planning a holiday of a lifetime and part of that involves a two week period where they are planning to go from toronto to halifax nova scotia and back. This is the first time they have ever taken a road trip and I would really appreciate your advice to help them make the best of it. (they are not "computer people" )

    They are a couple in their 50's who love scenery (especially coastal and mountain)

    My questions are

    1) Is it practical to drive there and back in 2 weeks without it being rushed or would they be better doing a 1 way drive with a flight or train back

    2) Which places should they make sure they include in their route and what they should see if these places

    3) Any particular scenic routes that they should drive

    Any help would be most greatly appreciated, these are such special people who deserve a fantastic trip



    ps (they are coming from the Uk in August)

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    Default Nova Scotia Holiday

    Quote Originally Posted by Anj View Post
    This is the first time they have ever taken a road trip and I would really appreciate your advice to help them make the best of it.
    We will do what we can and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! By the most direct route it is about 1800 Kms one way (figure about 3800 Kms round trip). They could certainly go east through Quebec and return to Toronto by going to the south through Maine, Massachusetts & New York. Total trip would require about five days on the road (driving 8+ hours each day) so a two-week span would be fine.

    Here is a list of routes around New England that might appeal to them.

    Here is a thread that discusses some possible routes from Halifax to Toronto.

    And here is a great field report undertaken by one of our RoadTrip Enthusiasts who followed pretty much the route your neighbors might go. Lots of ideas in this post.

    Happy Planning!


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    Default Interesting!

    Thanks for posting this... I'm planning a very similar trip myself so will be watching the replies that your thread receives with interest!

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    Default How Did This Get Overlooked?

    I checked through the threads that Mark pointed you to in case there was something that might have been missed. Actually, all the best options, with one very notable exception, are somewhere in those discussions. But the one omission is glaring, and that is the Cabot Trail around Cape Breton Island, the far northeastern tip of Nova Scotia. To make up for that, here are two sites, one form the government and one from the tourist association.

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