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    OK...we are in the very early planning stages for a trip to the west for late May or early June, 2009. We are a family of 4 (dd 8 & ds 6). We are looking to fly into Las Vegas and rent a car for our touring. We can probably spend a max of 14 days total. We are not big outdoor camping or extensive hiking. We would like to see the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Sequoias and the other Nat'l parks in the area. We are not interested in touring San Francisco, LA, Napa or any other places like that.

    Can anyone direct me to a suggested itenerary, bus tour, or things like that. Neither DH or I have been further west than Dallas so this whole area is rather foreign for us.

    I know there will be alot of time in the car....but we are coming from Louisiana and want to see as much as we can in 1 trip.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There is a ton to see in this part of the country, and narrowing it all down can be a challenge. The nice thing about national parks is that while they do offer chances to really get off the beaten path, there is also a lot to see just by looking around or taking very mild walking paths.

    We've actually got a lot of threads that discuss various travel options in this area. This is one excellent field report with lots of pictures to get you excited about your trip, and the link in this thread, and this thread should give you some more ideas about the national parks in california.

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