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    Default Is this even possible?

    Three friends, one car (or possibly a van), and all 48 states in two weeks...

    So here's the question: Is it possible to go through all 48 lower states in just two weeks. I've been wanting to go on a trip like this forever, and finally, this summer, it might be possible. My two friends andI are planning a cross country road trip which will serve as the setting if a movie we're making.

    I want to get to all 48 states, but I need to know, what's the best route to take? We live in Illinois, Morrison to be exact. To be more exact we're about 40 minutes from the quad cities. I also wouldn't mind seeing some of Canada, but money is definitely an issue. Heck, if we had enough money we'd make it all 49 states and drive up to Alaska...though I'm pretty sure that would be going over the two week limit. (It is possible that we may extend the trip another week).

    Also, how much is this going to cost us? We plan on camping a lot of the time, and even sleeping in the vehicle. So lodging shouldn't be too costy for us...mostly I'm worried about food and gas.

    So yeah, if anyone has the answers to my questions or some helpful hints, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Default Possible -- But, very, very expensive!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Hippie101 View Post
    Three friends, one car (or possibly a van), and all 48 states in two weeks...
    I know it has been done at least twice in the last couple of years -- but the fuel & maintenance costs can be pretty darn steep. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! And the distance would make the time limits dangerous! Here is a possible route, that would allow you to do this. (there is no direct link, but click on the journey) -- Need to figure about 19,600 miles (fuel cost would be at least $3700) And you need to be very disciplined to drive 19,600 miles in two weeks -- Basically, you could only stop for fuel (no motels, no camping and no sight-seeing). We wouldn't recommend this unless all three of you are professional drivers and follow these tips!


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    Default And you won't have much time to stop and eat either!

    So plan to eat mainly out of your cooler. You will want to stay healthy in order to stay alert so you won't want to depend on junk food. These tips should help you pack and plan for doing this.

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    Default a grueling ordeal, not a fun trip

    I get the impression that you probably are not experienced roadtrippers and/or this would be your first long distance roadtrip. Because of that, I would strongly urge you to stop your plan right now.

    As Mark indicated, it is possible, but it would be hardcore work, with basically no time during the two weeks to relax. If you aren't used to major cross country trips, this is not the way to find out your likes and dislikes on the road. It would be kind of like trying to race in the Tour de France after riding your bike around the block once or twice.

    Extending it out to 3 weeks would make this more possible, although I don't think it would be enjoyable, but you would at least have time to stop for the night and sleep. Pushing it to 4 weeks would allow you to stop at a handful of things during your whirwind tour.

    A couple years ago one of our posters did a 48 state lap in 4 week. He kept a pretty good and interesting journal, that wouldn't be a bad thing to model this sort of trip on.


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