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    We are planning a motorcycle trip in June from Iowa to Knoxville, Tennessee. We are planning to attend the "Honda Hoot" motorcycle event. The event organizers have planned rides and activities for the days that we are at the Hoot, but we are looking for any other must see - must do activities in the area. Any suggestions of great scenic trips or must see locations in Western North Carolina, Western Virginia, Kentucky or Tennessee? We will be traveling by motorcycle and camping in our tent along the way. Even though we love scenic routes, we need to stay on hard surface roads. I am entralled with mountains, waterfalls, and quirky restaurants and roadside attractions.

    I appreciated the advice I received from this thread last year when planning our Great Lakes Trip. I'm anxious to hear what advice you all can pass along for this adventure!

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    I'm going to assume that the Hoot organizers know all about the Tail of the Dragon, and that you're at least aware of the Great Smoky Mountains. One absolutely great location that doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves is Cumberland Gap at the far western tip of Virginia. Another worthwhile stop that's more or less on your way is Mammoth Cave in central Kentucky. Also, don't overlook some scenic roads closer to home.


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    Don't forget Cherohala Skyway. Tail of the Dragon is great if you love tight twisties and go fast straights but if you're the laid back sight see'r then you'll really want to drive the Cherohala.

    If you go you'll see wonderful sites like this one that I took. Notice the small whiteish-grey line about 3/4 of the way from left to right....that's a two lane double yellow line road at the bottom.
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