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  1. Default April trip from SF to New Mexico

    Hi All,

    We are planning a road trip to Albuquerque this April (possibly around the 17th, exact timing is still undetermined) to visit famly for a couple of days. We are wondering the best route home and what to see along the way. We plan to be gone 7 to 10 days. We are thinking of driving straight from the Bay Area to Las Vegas on Day 1. Then to the Grand Canyon on Day 2 and Day 3 to Albequerque.

    On the way home some of the suggestions have been to see Mesa Verde in Co., travel around that area possibly to Bryce Canyon or go north to Moab instead. Either travel back to Las Vegas and home or go through Nevada, stopping at another relative in Picohe, NV then though Reno to home.

    Our time is short so we don't expect to spend much time in any location - this is more of a drive by so I'm wondering given the time frame what is the best scenic route to take and sights to see? We have about 5 days to get home from Albuquerque to San Francisco.


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    Default Seven of Your '7 to 10' Days Will Be on the Road

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You can do the trip as you've laid it out, but it will require 7 days of driving. Add a day's worth of 2-3 hours here and there to see the things along your route and a couple of days to visit your family in Albuquerque and you've used up your maximum of 10 days. The most efficient route back from Albuquerque would be east to Gallup on I-40 and then north on US-666 to Cortez, CO and Mesa Verde. Continue north on US-666 Monticello, UT and the US-191 to Moab and Arches National Park. After seeing the park get back on US-191 northbound to I-70 west through central Utah to I-15 down to Zion National Park and beyond to St. George where you'll head north and west on UT-18, UT-120, NV-75, NV-319 and US-93 to Pioche. From there continue north on US-93 to US-50 west and home.


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    Default 666

    Just in case you are looking for route 666, it no longer exists (too scary???).
    It's us491 now. Instead driving via Gallup, you might consider to take us550 via Durango on your way to Mesa Verde NP.

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    While in Albuquerque make sure to look up the Sandia Peak Tramway. It is the longest tramway in the world, and takes you to the top of the mountain. At the top there is an 11,000 square mile panoramic view. It is definitely worth it, bring lots of film for your camara. You can hike down once you get to the top, but we were short on time so we didn't do any hiking. Another stop you might want to see is the Painted desert and Petrified forest National Park. I will admit this one is pretty boring, but if you just visit the painted desert portion you can stop and take pictures, and then turn around and get back on the road.

  5. Default April trip from SF to New Mexico

    We are driving to Albuquerque to visit family in two weeks and want to make some stops along the way. We realize this is alot to see and don't plan to spend much time, mostly this is a road trip from point A to point B, but we'd like some feedback on the route and any suggestions on places to stop on the way. Thanks.

    Day 1 - Thu - Home to Vegas
    Day 2 - Fri - Vegas to Grand Canyon
    Day 3 - Sat - Grand Canyon to Albuquerue
    Day 4 - Sun - Albuquerue
    Day 5 - Mon - Albuquerue to Mesa Verde
    Day 6 - Tue - Mesa Verde
    Day 7 - Wed - Mesa Verde to Moab
    Day 8 - Thu - Moab to Bryce Canyon
    Day 9 - Fri - Bryce Canyon to Death Valley
    Day 10 - Sat - Death Valley to Home
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    Default Albuquerque to Mesa Verde - US Hwy. 550

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeehaw
    Instead driving via Gallup, you might consider to take US 550 via Durango on your way to Mesa Verde NP.
    This would be good. US 550 is a nice drive and Durango is a fun town.

    Another way you could go is: US 550 to Bloomfield > US 64 to Shiprock > US 491 (old Hwy. 666) to Cortez, CO. It’s a little longer, but this route is easier than going through Durango -- there aren’t any hills to climb between Bloomfield and Cortez.

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    Default Looks Like a Good Compromise

    I like your latest itinerary. Other than the first and last days which are 550± mile days, everything else is on the order of 200 to 300 miles (or less), so you should have a few good hours at each of the spots you'd like to see along the way. I don't see any time built in to your schedule anymore for visiting your family in Albuquerque other than the Sunday evening, so I hope that both you and they are OK with that.


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