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    I am driving from Boston, MA to Irvine, CA on 1/26/08 with my sister and my dog. We are driving a mid size car and will not be towing anything. I would like to get there in 6-7 days. Can anyone give me advice on the best route to take? I have been using AAA trip planner but I am not sure if I should go the northern or southern route. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    The 'northern' route (I-90 to Chicago, I-80 to Utah and I-15 to the LA Basin) is 2987 miles, so 6 days of relatively relaxed cruising or 5 days of serious workmanlike driving. The 'central' route (I-84 to New York, I-78 to Harrisburg, I-70 to St. Louis, I-44 to Oklahoma City, I-40 to Barstow and I-15 again) is only 10 miles longer. You can even go a 'southern' route (I-95 and I-85 to Atlanta, I-20 and I-10 to Los Angeles) for only 300 miles more. My point is you have several good options, and you should wait until a few days before departure, evaluate the weather forecasts at that time, and only then make plans for which way to go. And even then, be willing to change your plans if circumstances dictate.

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