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  1. Default Hitting the road with our Dogs in February

    Hello everyone. Well Im in the process of convincing my brothers to come with me, but I am planning on taking a cross country road trip in February and we are all taking our dogs. Im taking the trip more for the scenic aspect and camping, but I am trying to find out all the information I can about taking dogs with you and any recomendations to see. I will greatly accept all suggestions from anyone. Thanks. Jason.

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    Default starting point

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    At this point, we really know nothing about what would interest you or what sort of timeframe you'd have, so its virtually impossible to narrow down a canvas as large as the United States without knowing more about you or your trip. However, we do have an excellent article about tips for traveling with dogs that I think you will find useful.

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    Im just really going to go, Im looking into places to see, I want to just go and camp and relax, look at the scenery, Im gonna take at least a month off from work and just go, Im gonna map out a general route but not limit myself to a schedule, I hate iteneraries, but im curious about places people have been and recommend, Im hoping to go with my two brothers and just make it a cross country camping trip.

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    Default It's still real tough to answer

    Traveling without an itinerary or set plans is a great idea. You can meander and enjoy. But we could still use a bit more information in order to give you recommendations.
    * What part of the country are you leaving from?
    * Do you want to drive like heck and burn miles or would you rather do a more laid-back trip?
    * Are there any places you've already identified as must-sees?
    * What interests you? Nature? History? Architecture? Tacky tourist traps and other oddball curiousities? Finding the best piece of pie? Nightlife?

    Give us something more to go on and I'm sure you'll get tons of recommendations. Also, have you poked around this website and the forums to get some ideas already? That's a good place to start.

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    Im leaving from Florida, Id like to see national parks but you cant take pets on the trails, so Im leaning towards more of a cross country camping trip, find a campsite somewhere and stay for a couple days, maybe site see where i can take my dog and move on, Im not gonna be in any rush, Id love to go to the grand canyon and places like that, If i could afford it id drive the whole usa. Im not looking for the nightlife, culture, scenery, history during the day and relax at night with my brothers and the dogs. The trip is more just to get away, relax and take alot of pics and video.

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    Default Out of my experience

    I've only been to Orlando down that way.

    Here's what I suggest. Get a map of the US and identify parks and other places you that intrigue you.

    Since you can't take your dogs into the national parks, you might want to focus on national forests. I believe all of these allow dogs as long as they are on a leash. Check out the US Forest Service website for a list of parks, the activities at them, etc. This should give you a nice, long list of places worth visiting.

    Why don't you spend some time doing this and perusing posts on this website about different locations and then come back to us when you have some specific questions to ask. It's very hard to answer a question as broad as the one you are asking.

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