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    We are a Singaporean family, have never driven in snow. We are leaving Las Vegas 23 Dec 2007 after spending a week there and Grand Canyon. I would like to drive from Las Vegas on 23 Dec and reach San Francisco 25 Dec, hopefully seeing the giant Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park and Big Sur along the coast. However we have never driven in snow as we are from the equator and we are not sure if it is a good idea for us to do this (I read that we need chains, have no idea what this entails). Also we do not know if time permits us to do this itinerary, as we plan to drive only during daylight. Your advise will be greatly appreciated. Also what is the best route if it is an okay plan. Thanks.

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    To answer your specific questions - Yes, I think you can do the trip you describe in 3 days if the weather co-operates a little bit. The total distance is 'only' 850 miles, but you will be driving mostly on smaller roads, so it will take a while. But if you take the 23rd and make the major drive from Las Vegas to around Porterville or Visalia, CA, then on the 24th you will be in position to visit Sequoia National Park in the morning and then drive to San Luis Obispo in the afternoon. That would leave you the 25th to drive the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) up to San Francisco.

    As far as snow and chains, I would say if you were to encounter conditions that required chains, you'd be much better off just not trying to drive. Probably the only place you are likely to encounter such conditions would be on your visit to Sequoia. If that is the case, just take the time you would have spent there, and spend it along the coast, you'll merely be trading unique experiences. You need not look at it as a loss.

    So for a route:From Las Vegas take I-15 to Barstow, CA, then CA-58 to Bakersfield and CA-65 up to the Porterville-Visalia area. You'd then use CA-198 to both go into and come out of Sequoia as far as Lemoore, CA where you'll take CA-41 to San Louis Obispo. At that point you can join the CA-1 up the Big Sur Coast to the San Francisco area.


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    Thanks a lot for the comprehensive reply which is great of you! I need to say that this is a very good forum.

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